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Updated Rule Changes Effective Fall 2017 Season

Changes to U12:

The only rule change for 2017 in the 12U Division is the new "No Punt" Rule.

This means a goalkeeper who gains possession of the ball during play may NOT punt the ball back into play.

The ball must be placed on the ground and kicked/passed into play or thrown/rolled into play by hand.  All the rules regarding the Penalty Area and Goal Area are in effect.

There is no added protection for the 12U Goalkeeper. There is NO requirement for the defense to retreat, other than the already existing 2 yard rule.

Changes to U10:

Two lines called "The Build-Out Lines" have been added.  These lines will be blue in color (in Claremont), and will cross the field midway between the Halfway line and the top of the Penalty Areas.

 The changes to the Laws of the Game are as follows:

  1. A Goalkeeper who gains possession of the ball during play may no longer punt the ball back into play.  The ball must either be set on the ground and passed (kicked) or thrown/rolled into play on the Goalkeepers side of their Build-Out Line.  The defenders must retreat to their side of the Build-Out Line in a timely manner, with the Referees encouragement.  The defenders may not cross into the Goalkeepers side of the Build-Out Line until the ball is played.  However, the Goalkeeper in not required to wait for the defenders to retreat to their side of the Build-Out Line, as the Goalkeeper may opt for a quick pass/roll/toss if the Goalkeeper sees an advantage.
  2.  A Goal Kick has the same requirements:  It must be passed (kicked) to a player on the Goalkeeper's side of the Build-Out Line.  The defenders may not cross into the Goalkeepers side of the Build-Out Line until the ball is played.
  3.  An Offside offence shall be judged using the two Build-Out Lines (blue), NOT the Halfway Line
  4.  A violation of this new rule will result in an Indirect Free Kick y the other team.

Changes to U8:

The ONLY change for 2017 is the elimination of Throw-Ins.  Any restart from a ball passing over the Touchline will henceforth be made with a Pass-in (kick-in).  Again, this is the ONLY change in the 8U Divisions.





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